NAVALPORO is a full service provider of personnel specialized in:

New construction





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Coded welders and steel fitters with wide experience from NEW BUILDING hull construction, block assembly and setting.

Cruise liners

Container vessels

PSV/AHTS vessels

Fishing vessels/Factory trawlers


Bulk Carriers


Coded welders and steel fitters with wide experience from REPAIRS.

Shipyard steel repair projects

Alongside afloat steel repairs

On voyage repairs inclusive of small and large steel renewal and repair project


Coded welders and fitters for all types of piping materials. Trained technicians for repairs and retrofit of large GRP ballast tank piping systems. Wide experience from installation, repair and retrofit projects onboard all types of vessels.

Ballast piping

Engine room cooling water systems

Potable and grey water systems

Sewage systems

Cargo piping


Qualified personnel experienced from all onboard systems. Repair, installation and retrofit of pumps, valves, coolers, heaters for:

Cargo, ballast water, cooling water

Sanitary system, grey water, sewage

Fresh water, potable water

Hydraulic oil

Steam and heating

Hydraulical systems, mooring winches, cranes, cargo doors and ramps

Specialized welders for pressurized systems, boilers and economizers

Living quarters, accommodation spaces

Carpenters, plumbers

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