Repair ships and new building Romania

Our company have founded in april 2008 and principal activity is new building and repair ships .

Durring this time we worked in PORTUGAL –new building (Setubal) one container ship and one RO-RO ship (49 fitters-30 welders) in collaboration with NAVALESP Ltd. from PORTUGAL . Also we worked in PORTUGAL with PALOMITAL Ltd. – repair one passenger ship, one bulk carrier and oil tanks (37 fitters – 22 welders), 16 pontoons for supporting a floating cranes of 100 tons (4 fitters – 2 welders) in collaboration with DRASEMAR S.L. from SPAIN .

We have the best qualified workers in the following skills : fitters, pipe fiters, welders authorized in ( C.O.2) and (electrods), electricians, motormans, painters, cleaners .

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